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With an approach that is backed by strategy, practicality, and experience, we at Tads make sure that you discover what you want to do after school. At Tads, we have not only helped students figure out their careers, but have also helped them reach ‘The Best’ universities across India, as shown below.

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What We Offer?

Everything you need to excel in your career.

Under the guidance of India’s finest counsellors and inspiring mentors working in your dream professions, Tads Education fearlessly crafts your future with confidence and expertise.
Highly Personalized
Recognizing every student's unique potential, our expert career counsellors are dedicated to uncovering the extraordinary within you. Focusing on your passions, dreams, and aspirations, we see you as a star ready to shine.
Holistic and Real
We nurture both your mind and soul, aiming to ignite your inner greatness. Guiding you on a transformative journey, we're committed to shaping your future in incredible ways.
Hands-on Experience
Offering more than traditional career counselling, we connect you with industry professionals for real-world exposure. Through shadowing and internships, you'll gain firsthand insights. Join our supportive community for a journey of personal growth and empowerment.
Superstar Student Mentors
Learn directly from students at top universities, including SRCC, Hindu, LSR, and more. Our mentors, who've achieved their dreams, are here to share their secrets to success with you.

Tads Offers A Practical Approach to Career Counselling Discovery

Under the guidance of India’s finest counsellors and inspiring mentors working in your dream professions, Tads Education fearlessly crafts your future with confidence and expertise.

Our Pricing

We offer two options

Focused Career Counselling

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INR 25000 including tax
  • Detailed Career Assessment
  • Career Sessions with Tads Founders
  • Over 4-6 Personal Sessions with a Tads Counsellor (until you get absolute clarity)
  • 34-Page Personality Report
  • Detailed Career and College Report
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Portfolio Building and College Admission Assistance

Custom Pricing
  • Dedicated Portfolio Development
  • Boutique Mentorship
  • College Admission Assistance
  • Future Planning Consultancy
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Transforming. Redefining. Every Story

Trishika Singhania Admitted to Ashoka University with a major scholarship for undergrad

Tads helped me re-discover and re-invent my personality in ways I never thought I would be able to. I am grateful that I got to be a part of a cohort with the most creative and inspiring minds from all over India and Nepal.

The learning experience was just phenomenal as I honed interpersonal, leadership and technological skills through highly engaging workshops and sessions by trained professional leaders. Although I had been in leadership roles in school prior but during my membership at Tads, I realized that there were a lot of things that I wasn’t exposed to in terms of community engagement and network building. Tads provided me with a space to experiment with my existing skills, creativity and intelligence in a safe and tight-knit community. So, overall it was as much of a humbling experience as it was exciting. I am glad that I chose to join Tads and I can assure any high-schooler who opts for a program here that they are going in for a great treat and will leave with memories and learnings for a lifetime.


What students usually ask us.

What is Career Counseling?
Career counseling includes helping students understand themselves better, which assists in making well-informed academic and career choices. This involves considering their interests, abilities, and what they value.
Is Career Counseling the same as Career Discovery?
While similar to career discovery, career counseling provides support and guidance to the student throughout the decision-making process. Career Discovery opens you up to the possibilities out there while counseling helps you in making an informed decision.
What does a Career Counselor do?
Career counselors help in exploring various potential career paths. They do this by helping individuals understand their own abilities, strengths, and interests, and then aligning these aspects with their aspirations and goals.
How does a Career Counselor help in making better career choices?
By providing an insight into the individual’s interests and abilities, career counselors can help you make decisions about your career path, ensuring they align with your preferences and strengths.
What is the right time for career counseling?
While it's common for students to seek career counseling in 9th grade or during their first year of high school, it's recommended for students in all years of high school to consider it.
How do I prepare for a career counseling session?
To get ready for career counseling, take some time to think about your interests and goals. This will help you have more productive discussions during your counseling sessions and can provide valuable insights for both you and your counselor to work with during the sessions.
How can career counseling help me?
Career counseling plays a crucial role in helping individuals gain clarity about their future paths. It empowers them to explore various options and develop effective strategies for achieving their goals. By working with a counselor, individuals can create actionable plans that align with their vision, setting them on a path towards success in their chosen careers.
What can I expect during a Counseling session?
During career counseling sessions, you can expect conversations about your interests, abilities, and potential career options. It's important to keep in mind that while counselors provide guidance and support, they won't make decisions on your behalf. Instead, they'll assist you in exploring different possibilities and help you make informed choices.
What can I not expect from a career counselor?
One thing you shouldn't expect from a career counselor is for them to make important decisions for you. While they’re here to help you, the ultimate responsibility for making big decisions rests with you. It's important to recognize that you'll need to put in conscious effort and thought to determine the best path forward for yourself.
How do Career counselors assess my skills and interests?
In order to assess you, career counselors use tools such as observation, psychometric tests, and aptitude tests. These assessments rely on research-backed methodologies and the counselors' expertise.
Will career counseling help me choose a major in college?
Career counseling can definitely help you choose a college major. Counselors narrow down career options that match your abilities and interests. They provide information to aid your decision. However, it's crucial to stay open-minded and adaptable as education and job trends change.
How do I know if I need career counseling?
If you're unsure about which career path to choose, considering career counseling could offer valuable clarity. Career counseling helps individuals navigate through their uncertainties, providing them with direction and insight into various career options. Whether you're feeling lost or overwhelmed by the choices ahead, seeking out career counseling can certainly help.
How do I know if Career Counseling is working for me?
You can tell if career counseling is helping you if you notice positive changes, such as feeling more confident and clear about your career goals. When you start to feel more assured and focused on your path ahead, it's a good indicator that the counseling is effective.
How do I find reputable career counseling?
To find reliable career counselors, you can start by seeking recommendations from trusted sources, such as friends, family, or academic advisors. Additionally, you can check online reviews and testimonials from previous clients to assess the quality of services provided. These indicators can help you identify good career counselors who can provide valuable guidance and support.
Why is Career Counseling important?
Career counseling is important because it assists people in making informed decisions about their careers. Career counselors help individuals explore different options, understand their strengths and interests, and match them with suitable career paths. This not only boosts career satisfaction but also enhances the chances of success in chosen fields.
What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
The difference between coaching and mentoring lies in their focus and approach. While coaching mainly focuses on skill development, where a coach helps individuals improve specific skills or abilities relevant to their goals, mentoring involves guidance and advice from experienced individuals, typically within a specific field or industry.
Can career counseling help in choosing the right college or course?
Yes, career counseling can certainly help in choosing the right college or course by providing personalized guidance specific to individual interests and goals. Counselors help explore various options, consider factors like academic strengths and career aspirations, and provide information to make important decisions about college and course selection.
Can career counseling guarantee that I will find the right course?
While career counseling cannot guarantee absolute certainty in finding the perfect course, it does aid in the process by helping individuals explore and prioritize their various career interests.
Can career counseling help me if I have multiple career interests?
Yes, career counselors can definitely help you if you have multiple career interests. They can assist you in exploring these interests, identifying common themes or areas of overlap, and narrowing down your options based on your skills, values, and goals. This process can provide clarity and direction.
How accurate are career counselors?
The accuracy of career counselors can vary, but reputable ones use validated assessments and techniques to provide reliable guidance. These counselors rely on established methods and tools that have been proven effective in helping individuals explore their interests, skills, and values, ultimately helping them with their academic journey.
What types of assessments are used in Career Counseling?
Career counselors use a range of assessments, such as aptitude tests and interest inventories, to understand individuals' abilities and preferences. These assessments help counselors gain insights into clients' strengths and interests, allowing for personalized guidance in career decision-making.
As a parent, how can I be sure that this is a good investment?
As a parent, ensuring that career counseling is a good investment involves researching trustable services and considering feedback from others. This means looking into the track record and qualifications of the counseling service and seeking opinions from individuals who have used similar services before. By doing so, parents can make informed decisions about investing in career counseling for their child.

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