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India’s First Experience-Based Offline Communication and Public Speaking Programme for Students

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Here's something we want you to know

Confident, Fluent, and Fearless English Communication still sounds like a Nightmare for Indian students studying even in the best of schools.

"9/10 of Tads Students who made it to their dream university, could talk confidently about themselves and their achievements"

What We Offer?

A hybrid (online + offline) student development programme in Jaipur for students in Grades 6th – 12th.

This programme stands out because our values stand out from others. Learning how to speak isn’t a one-day – one-event thing, instead it is a comprehensive process. Tads students learn when not being taught, listen when not spoken to, and lead when needed the most. Through our programme we teach the basic skills of public speaking, networking and communication which helps you to know everything from page to stage.
Programme developed to international learning standards.
Every student is provided with personalized feedback.
Higher Results
Experience enhanced results across all verticals of your life.
Learn real-world skills with practical approaches.

What our folks say

Aadarsh Lahoty
Aadrika Khandelwal
Arshi Verma
Sonakshi Miyanbazaz
Veer Rahul Gupta
Nandini Dhingra
Pavitra Tambi
Dhairya Agarwal

Our Process

Learn The 6 Fundamental Principles Of Powerful Communicators

  • 1

    Overcoming Shyness and Fear

  • 2

    Being Clear & Sounding Confident

  • 3

    Being Able to Influence

  • 4

    Thinking on Your Feet

  • 5

    Acing Professional Communication

  • 6

    Improving Social Communication

How do we do it?

How do we power your skills in the ‘Communication and Public Speaking Excellence Programme’?

The kind of personalisation we offer in an offline programme is unbeatable. Students learn by actually doing things. Here, they interact with industry professionals, educational leaders like school principals, entrepreneurs, international-level spokespersons, diplomats, etc. Designed as a ‘Weekend Programme’, we continuously have contests and competitions during weekdays to give students the flexibility to learn at their pace.
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Transforming. Redefining. Every Story


Meet Sonakshi, a budding example of consistent growth and achievement!

Before joining our CPS workshop, Sonakshi was a decent communicator. However, with the guidance and skills imparted in our sessions, she has transformed her abilities to new heights!

Articulate Communication: Sonakshi has mastered the art of articulating her thoughts with precision and clarity. Through our workshop, she learned to choose the perfect words to convey her ideas effectively, leaving a lasting impact on her listeners.

Confidence in Action: With newfound confidence and skill, Sonakshi has excelled in exams and competitions, confidently showcasing her expertise and knowledge. Her ability to speak with poise and conviction has set her apart in every endeavor.

Global Opportunities: Now, Sonakshi is on the path to joining Summer School Programmes offered by top universities worldwide. Her profile shines brightly, reflecting her dedication, hard work, and the invaluable skills she acquired through our workshop.

Join us in celebrating Sonakshi's remarkable journey and success! Her story is a testament to the transformative power of effective communication and public speaking skills.

With Tads, Take Practical and Powerful Steps Towards Your Dream College, Career, and Personality.

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