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If you are willing to impact & transform thousands of young students in a profoundly long-lasting way and revolutionize how the world looks at schooling.

Our Culture.

Holding on to creativity and diversity.

Making people and ideas meet from all around the world.

Your opinions matter and so do you!

Because we know that we evolve when we involve.

Killing deadlines, and not the vibe.

We are strict about deadlines, stricter about fun.

Growth first and second.

The only thing that comes over fun is your growth.

Don't work for us.

Work with us.

We are looking for learners. People with the zeal to grow, get out of their comfort zones and take on challenges.

Having hired interns from 45+ colleges and universities, and 5+ countries, we enable youngsters to bring in ideas and blend into the colours of our inclusive and diverse workforce. Interact during projects and meetings, and don’t be surprised if you find your favourite snack on the door (Ding-Dong…Bonus!). We at Tads appreciate initiatives and provide a comfortable environment to work and grow among multicultural individuals.

45+Colleges & Universities

Additional perks? Nah. Mains.

No free internships!

We believe that your hard-work and bills must be paid.

Stay healthy (& non-healthy)

Long tiring meetings? Exhausted enough? Food’s on us!

Work on your own rules!

Want Hybrid/Remote work? Flexible hours? It’s all up for you.

Skills that matter!

Get trained by industry experts as you learn on the go (from IT training to LinkedIn profile building).

Look up, Look around!

Work with mentors you can look up to & look around to expand your network with diverse individuals.

On and off

Go on that long-awaited Goa trip with an easy leave policy, no questions asked.

Team Openings

  • College Admissions Counsellor
  • Growth Interns

You can apply by sending your resume to [email protected] with the subject line "Application for Position Name".

Find out whether you're a 'Tad'

Are you hungry to LEARN?


We already like you. There will be a lot of learning and a lot of growth.


That’s okay. We all have different priorities at different times. Ours is a work environment where intellectual curiosity is a basic value.

Are you tired of the MONOTONY?


We realise how frustrating and mundane it can get. We will make every day exciting for you.


Ahh, life seems interesting. we would love to meet and see if we can make things even more exciting for you and us.

Are you ready to challenge the STATUS-QUO?


That’s what we do at Tads. Anyone can criticize the education system, but if you are someone who can come up with new and practical ways of doing things within limited resources, you will get along just fine.


No hard feelings, not all acquaintances end up in a committed relationship.

“I joined TADS in 2020, when I was right out of school, confined in my home due to the pandemic. I didn’t know that two years down the lane I’ll become the person that I’ve become today, and it all goes back to filling up an application form on the website because the vision seemed intriguing. TADS has provided me with the opportunity to discover some of my own capabilities that I had no idea about, inculcate skills, and hone existing skills that still make me stand out in a room. The network you build here will be one of the best achievements for you, as it has been for me. TADS helped me become a better version of myself in every way possible.”

ex-Marketing Team

“I had five requirements when I was looking for an internship: a firm that drives me, a product I’m passionate about, a job that pushes me to grow in new directions, management that supports and motivates me to perform at my highest level, and a fantastic work culture and team spirit. These requirements are fully met by TADS Education. It’s a business that motivates me with a proactive and inclusive approach. I enjoy being a part of an organization that works hard to develop new skills for the current Genz and future generations. It’s only been a few days since I joined this organisation and it has already widened my perceptions, and creative levels and has helped me push my comfort boundaries.”

Team Lead: Media

Frequently asked questions

What if the role I am interested for is not mentioned?

We love to meet interesting people. So, if you don’t see a relevant job/ internship post but resonate with us as an organization, share your contact details and a short note with us at [email protected]. After all, a conversation over a cup of coffee can open a world of opportunities.

Is there any eligibility or minimum educational qualification requirement to work at Tads?

No, there is no such minimum educational qualification. Have a knack for transforming education and skills that outshine others, and you’re in.

Where do I reach out in case of grievances?

Write to us at [email protected].

What is the recruitment process at Tads?

We follow a 5 step recruitment approach: 1. Shortlisting: We review your candidature on the basis of your Application and Resume. 2. Intimation: An introductory call or meeting to inform you about selection, intimation of responsibilities and clearing any doubts. 3. Interviews: A series of interviews to assess and know you better. 4. Probation: 7-10 days of probation to help you understand your job role and help us understand if you are the correct fit. 5. Final Offer: We offer the best-fit role according to your strengths.

With Tads, Take Practical and Powerful Steps Towards Your Dream College, Career, and Personality.

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