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Tads Education is every student and parent’s final choice for all their career, college, and skill development needs. 100% student success with our personal mentorship programmes. Assured.

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At Tads, the finest from across the industry and academia synergise to provide immersive career and college application consultation to highly ambitious students.

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About Us
  • 2400+

    Students Globally

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    Admits From Top Universities Globally

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    Offers from Top Tier Universities in 2022-24

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    Of Our Students Landed in One of Their Dream Universities

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Our Latest Updates

We’re proud to announce that Rumi, a Tads mentor has joined the Harvard Class of 2028!
We’re so proud to announce that Sarwesh has joined the MIT Class of 2028
Tads recently completed a Double ‘Century’ Mark with its skill development programmes enrolling over 200 students in Jaipur, India!
We’re so proud to announce that our student Harman has received national recognition from the Ministry of Education for his capstone project incubated at Tads.
Tads recently hosted India’s First National High School Student Case Competition in collaboration with the Consulting Division at IIT Kanpur!
With Tads, Saksham - an IB Board Student got acceptances from 10+ Top Engineering Colleges in the USA, Canada and the UK, with a state government recognition for his capstone project incubated at Tads!
With Tads, Suhavi - a Cambridge Student got acceptances from 8+ Top Management Universities with over INR 1.4 Crores in scholarships in the USA and India!
With Tads, Shaurya - a CBSE Student got acceptances from 8+ Top Engineering Colleges in the USA and took his entrepreneurial venture to 5+ states in India and Nepal under the guidance of Tads mentors!
With Tads, Kartik - a Cambridge Student got acceptanced to India’s Ranked 1 Liberal Arts College Ashoka University’s Class of 2028
We’re so proud that our student has made it to the Golden Canadian University Trio!
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What Do We Offer

  • Results Beyond Admission

    Our focus extends far beyond securing acceptances in colleges. We cultivate a holistic transformation – refining personalities, strengthening profiles, and fostering a resilient, growth-oriented mindset.

  • Proven

    Years of trust from students and parents speak volumes. We celebrate not just university placements, but demonstrably positive impacts on personal development and future ambitions.

  • Unparalleled Personalization

    Each student receives a highly tailored program, crafted to align with their unique aspirations and talents.

Turning ‘Aspiring’ Students Into ‘Champions’

Arjun Mehta
Saksham Jain
Shaurya Sharma
Saksham Jain NYU
Riya Jain
London School
Harshvardhan Again
Saksham Yet Again
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About Us

“I am extremely grateful to the Tads team for their unwavering commitment throughout Suhavi’s admission process and overall development. As a mother, I was very concerned about my daughter’s further studies after seeing my previous helpless experience with 3 different counsellors. However, after having just one session with a Tads mentor, I felt highly content from the personalisation and the detailed discussions” Read more~ Rikku Miyanbazaz, Mother of Suhavi, a Tads StudentWith Tads, Suhavi got into multiple top universities in the USA, like Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, UIC, Muhlenberg, and UMass Boston. She also got acceptances from Indian Universities like NMIMS, OP Jindal, Christ, and SP Jain.

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With Tads, Take Practical and Powerful Steps Towards Your Dream College, Career, and Personality.

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