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Tads students have up to 5x Chances of making it to one of their Dream Universities!

With an approach that is backed by strategy, authenticity, and experience, we at Tads make sure that you reach a university where you deserve and desire to study. Not just advice, we drive action. Our mentors and counsellors have helped students reach the top-most universities worldwide, as shown below.

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What We Offer?

How Are We Transforming Overseas Admissions?

From the expertise of McKinsey’s finest strategists to the guidance of inspiring mentors from MIT, we fearlessly craft your future with confidence and expertise.
No Feeding, No Fake Certificates.
We champion an authentic approach, avoiding fake certificates and contrived internships. Our focus is on uncovering your true potential and accomplishments through a genuine commitment to success. By delving into your aspirations, we tailor strategies that reflect your capabilities, ensuring a journey grounded in authenticity.
No Commission Policy
Integrity guides our operations. We shun the practice of pushing students towards commission-based universities. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to matching you with institutions that truly resonate with your passions and talents, ensuring your success is prioritized without compromise.
Hands-on Training
Our approach is hands-on and results-driven, transcending mere advice to ensure actionable outcomes. From providing support for entrepreneurial ventures to securing meaningful internships, we're committed to building a solid foundation for your college applications and future success.
Superstar Student Mentors
Learn from students at prestigious universities like MIT, Stanford, and Oxford through our Tads Mentors program. These accomplished mentors offer insights into navigating the journey to your dream school, helping you discover majors, understand college requirements, and unlock your potential.
ROI Driven
Our focus on securing scholarships has enabled students to attend Ivy League and top universities with minimal financial burden. We pride ourselves on a strategy that not only aims for prestigious admissions but also ensures financial viability, making your dream education accessible.

100+ consultants from your dream universities

We are India’s premium and highly-loved educational consultancy. Our personalised, 100% practical, and authentic approach has helped students gain admission into the Ivy League, Oxbridge, and other top universities across the USA, the UK, India, Singapore, Canada, and Australia.

Ananya Pramod admitted to University of California, Los Angeles
Dhruv Iyer admitted to University of Toronto
Richa Saldanha admitted to University of Leeds
Riya Jain admitted to Regent University
Tejas Nedungadi admitted to University of Sheffield
Zoya Abbas admitted to The University of Nottingham
Diya Franson admitted to University of Amsterdam
Jayesh Choudhary admitted to Dartmouth College
Madhav Sharma admitted to University of Pennsylvania
Manvi Aggarwal admitted to Harvard University
Gaurev Ashok Kumar admitted to London School of Economics and Political Science
Nidhi Upadhyaya admitted to UC Berkeley
Tanmay Devi admitted to Rice University
Keyah Taneja admitted to University of Toronto
Yashita Malhotra admitted to University of Melbourne
Sarwesh Parajuli admitted to MIT
Nishkal Hundia admitted to University of Maryland
Shubhangi Sharma admitted to Oxford University

Our Process

There is more to Foreign Admissions than just a college (which no counsellor really talks about). But we at Tads, do it.

  • 1

    Helping you build real skills before you move out of your country.

  • 2

    Not sending you to low-grade private universities for a commission.

  • 3

    Consider factors like your emotional wellbeing and personality attributes.

  • 4

    Mindset Training for preparing you for life ahead.

  • 5

    Helping you understand your potential & making the admission process fun.

  • 6

    No Feeding, No Fake Certificates. Start your future with legitimacy.

Transforming. Redefining. Every Story

Arjun Mehta Admitted to University of Michigan College of Engineering with a full scholarship

I highly recommend Nidhi Ma’am, Tads Chief Strategist as a counsellor and advisor for college admissions in the USA. Her guidance and advice played a crucial role in shaping my profile based on my aspirations and college preferences. She helped me identify and excel in extracurricular activities and brainstormed a well-planned summer project, which later earned me the national youth leadership award. With her insights on college selection, I gained clarity on why and how each college was a suitable fit for me. Despite my not-so-perfect academic scores, I secured admissions into most of my desired colleges, and thanks to the strong non-academic profile she helped me build, I even received full scholarships in four of them . Nidhi mam’s expertise and support truly made a significant difference in my college application journey.

With Tads, Take Practical and Powerful Steps Towards Your Dream College, Career, and Personality.

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